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    A well-crafted proposal is the key to winning the business. The proposal is your written sales pitch to your prospective clients, and for many stakeholders in the target organization, it forms a first and lasting impression of your company. Make it a good one.


    To win high value contracts, an organization must show not only what they intend to provide and at what cost, but also how their offering is superior to that of the competition. Proposals that fail to differentiate themselves will be left by the wayside as focused companies win the bid. To come out on top, companies must demonstrate full understanding of the requirements, an ability to operate effectively in similar situations, a clear vision of the value they will provide, and a detailed method of execution. Credibility is important throughout, and is established not only through a company’s credentials, but also in the logic used to state the your case, the acknowledgement of problem areas, and the reasonableness of your proposal; even a mistake on pricing, still well within budget, may indicate to the reviewer a lack of competency.


    Edgescope’s Approach


    Edgescope helps companies win bids by effectively highlighting and framing the value provided and by increasing the value a company is able to provide. While a company is often knowledgeable of its own capabilities, it does not always have the depth of experience in analysis or written communication skills that Edgescope possesses. Effective communication of existing value is increased by Edgescope consultants analyzing the opportunity and the company, then showing how the company is uniquely suited to complete the project at hand.


    Edgescope further ads value by connecting local and international partners to win projects together. It is often the case that local companies lack the resources to pursue large scale projects, and international companies lack the market knowledge or ability to comply with regulations that is required to effectively conduct business. By understanding both sides of the business, Edgescope can match complementary organizations to create a set of competencies that trump what the competition has to offer.


    If you’re looking for a partner or considering a proposal, contact Edgescope today to give your company the best chance of winning the business.

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