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    Edgescope Business Consulting is a team of local and international market oriented business experts based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Edgescope is focused on enforcing market driven business solutions by means of integrating international business skills into local business practices. Edgescope’s goal is to create a solid foundation for businesses by bringing changes in their business strategy, marketing activities, and operations that allow them to grow sustainably.


    While working with local companies, we also serve international businesses to help them understand the business climate in Afghanistan when there is need for support activities or local partners to effectively carry out their operations in compliance with the country’s laws and local sensitivities.


    We employ a team of local and international experts. While the national team delivers the majority of the operations needs with respect to their local business knowledge and custom practices, the international team is utilized in order to deliver a higher level of expertise when considering industry best practices as benchmarks to be integrated into local business practices. The localised knowledge of nationals and expertise of internationals combines to form a high functioning team that allows us to enable our clients to achieve their business goals.



    History: Rapid technology enhancement, emergence of competitors equipped with modern tools and techniques, and customers’ high demands leave no option for companies but to re-think their business practices in order to sustain a solid position in the business arena. Considering the volatile trend of the market, a team of business graduates from American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) emerged in the market in 2012. Since the establishment, Edgescope has been working with multi-million valued companies, helping their businesses to remain profitable and further tailoring their efficiency and competitive advantages in the market by incorporating viable market driven business strategy, marketing strategy, and reengineered business processes.