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    Case Study: Information Technology

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    About the Client


    Momtaz Web Solution is one of the leading technology edge services providers with market driven experience, specialized in: Web Application Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Graphic Designing and, Email Hosting and Administration. In addition, Momtaz Web Solutions is the authorized reseller of Google Apps and Gmail server in Afghanistan which has added a great value to their service quality towards their clients’ email management and task collaboration via Google Apps platforms.


    Business Case


    Despite years of operation, the client was still struggling with team building and customer relationship. Client did not have any formal procedure for service contract formation which results in conflict with service scope and delivery reports. Lack of strategy and procedure for performing the service was another challenge which was bleeding the company.


    Edgescope Solutions


    Edgescope reviewed and assessed company’s performance across the value chain in order to figure out the strength and weaknesses of the company. The team further performed an industry analysis based on secondary on desk research to find out the the opportunities and threats in the market. Based assessment of the value chain and industry analysis, we defined business strategy so that the client sustains profitability  and competes effectively in the market. In order to make the life easy for the client to operate and manage its resources effectively and efficiently, we developed certain human resources management, operations and business development manuals, and educated the client on how to manipulate them as needed.


    Solutions Impacts


    • Saved an annual blind investment of 60,000.00 USD on outsourcing the companies core  services to a third party with no guarantee of return on investment.

    • Clear procedures and policies for hiring and retaining employees with high level of employment satisfaction.

    • Increased team collaboration through mapping the service delivery procedures into a service design flow chart.

    • Resolved the issue of client and service provider disputes on service scope the delivery report through developing certain terms of agreement and contract formation manuals.

    • Entrepreneurial idea of Virtual Media Marketing is mapped on the paper as a business plan.

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