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    Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods - CPG

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    About the Client


    Herat Ice cream is one of the leading producers of Ice Cream in the market, operating since 2004 with total investment of 20 million USD. Ice-cream has been one of the main products of the company with an estimated statistics of securing the 50% of the market shares including both ice cream and dairy products.


    Business Case


    HIC Management had identified a large gap between current production and capacity. Following substantial investments in Herat’s business, specifically in the production capacity of their factory, the company had found itself with production and revenue levels that were insufficient to justify the investment, while leaving potential benefits from increased scale unrealized. Despite acknowledging this shortfall and striving to increase revenue, the company had failed to achieve the desired targets. In order to find out the defects, drawbacks and further improvement pitches in the market and lean out the manufacturing and operation cycles, business consulting project with the scope of Strategy Mapping, Marketing Strategy Development, Business Processes Reengineering and Capacity Building project for the period of six months was signed with Edgescope Business Consulting.


    Edgescope Solutions


    Edgescope performed a detailed assessment of the client’s business practices and developed a reengineered business strategy for better utilization of client’s current assets and resources. The team, through a comprehensive country wide market research focused on both internal and external opportunities for growth and process improvement with the primary goal of producing profitable revenue growth and driving a market oriented marketing strategy. As part of the assignment, the team identified key shortcomings in manufacturing and management processes of the company, and improved the drawbacks using lean methodology.


    Solution Impacts


    • Detailed Report on Companies Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Reengineered Business Strategy In Respect to Opportunities and Threats in the Market

    • Market Oriented Marketing Strategy

    • Reengineered Business Processes Based on Lean Six Sigma Applications

    • Trained a Team of Management to Execute the Refined Strategies

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